Technology Fueling the Age of Disruption

The world of work is changing.  As disruption and uncertainty become the new status quo, modern businesses will transform their workplaces to be agile and adaptable to ever changing technological realities.  Incorporating technology into a modern office environment is not only a given; it’s essential.  Technology is exponentially advancing, delivering innovations that will fundamentally transform business operations and, at the same time, companies are getting more creative with their aesthetic approaches to tools and gadgets otherwise deemed purely functional.

Featured Product: Benchwork

Office desks arranged in a line and built to last. Flexible, adjustable, and infinitely practical with comprehensive cable management.

At a time when technology enables us to work from anywhere, office environments will represent so much more than a workplace.  The office will be the centre of value creation within organisations – areas where employees come together to work on new products, services and ideas.  New types of space will emerge, and accelerator and incubator spaces will become vital components of workplace and innovation strategy.  By monitoring the use of space and the types of interactions that take place in an office area, companies will start to uncover new ways to optimise space.  Workplaces will become more modular and will cost effectively redesigned more frequently.

Giving people a job and a place to work is no longer enough – you need to create a space where people want to be. The next generation of workers will be digital dependents and attracting talent from this pool of workers will push the office user experience up the priority list. The workplace needs to be more agile to embrace a mobile workforce.  Activity-based working will provide employees shared access to spaces for individual and collaborative work

Companies are getting more creative with their aesthetic approaches to tools and gadgets otherwise deemed purely functional.  Recording studios, rotating graphic screens, large flat-screen TVs and wireless internet access are among features popping up all over local workplaces.  The rising prominence and expanding scope of technology means employees can work from anywhere, a consideration that will manifest itself in more flexible office designs with more lounge areas and fewer designated cubicles.

Featured Product: Media Island

Bar height collaboration space, suitable for media presentations and meetings. Includes power to allow for easy device connection.

Skype sessions, conference calls and other common activities requiring technological use also call for some private spaces to be included in the layout of a modern office. Internet speed and availability is a critical productivity driver when mobile employees move continually through different spaces within or outside the office. Greater connectivity, cloud computing and device adoption have already created huge social and cultural changes, directly impacting business operations and the way people work.