The Modular Office

Changes in the Office

The rapid shift of thousands of workers from offices to home-based working is creating big challenges for South African companies. Many are scrambling to ensure vital business processes can continue to function and support daily activity. The challenges stem from the fact that such a seismic shift in the way organisations function has never happened […]

Home Office For Small Spaces

Creating a dedicated space in your home to function as your office can be a bit tricky. There is a delicate balance between comfort and productivity. To add to the conundrum, you might also not have a lot of space at your disposal. So how can one squeeze a loaded workstation into a nook while […]

How to set up your new home office

Working from home? Yes, us too. Save yourself from a hunched back, spaghetti wiring and a chaotic kitchen table with some of the most stylish home-office furniture and accessories available at Cecil Nurse. While working from home might be the norm for some people, many South African’s only work from home when they are on […]

Standing Desks Help Beat Inactivity

Sitting is the new smoking, we’re told, and suddenly sit-stand desks are everywhere. And even though standing was initially advocated to help people loose weight, recent studies are touting the additional health benefits of standing desks. Where sit-stand desks had the most impact, research has found, was in relieving the discomfort of sitting for long […]