Brand Story

Cecil Nurse. The Modern Office. Designed. Delivered.


Cecil Nurse is the leading and largest provider of contemporary office furniture solutions in southern Africa.

How did we reach this position? Let’s turn the clock back to 1946 when a young entrepreneur returned to South Africa from service in World War II and opened a furniture store in Johannesburg. From these humble beginnings, Cecil Nurse, a man who believed in quality products and excellent service, built a family business that expanded to become the preferred office furniture choice for companies across the country.

With growth came change and in 1997 Cecil Nurse became part of the JSE-listed Bidvest Group. Today, Cecil Nurse retains the values of its founder and delivers quality products and end-to-end services from our head office in Johannesburg and eleven branches located in cities across southern Africa.

Each of these locations has a showroom where clients can see, touch and feel our furniture and accessories. Here, they can consult with expert specialists on their specific needs – from a single executive chair to refurbishment and space optimisation of existing offices; from the planning, design and installation of an entire new corporate headquarters to the basement to the boardroom.

We consult on, deliver and install office furniture for our clients and customers throughout South Africa, as well as in many other African countries. We also publish two catalogues annually: the main one features our full office furniture product offering, and the second, titled On Demand, is a catalogue featuring a wide range of products that are kept in stock and can be delivered within days, rather than weeks. These catalogues are available to clients both in print form and online.

Cecil Nurse branded products are sourced from multiple countries and produced locally at our factory in Cape Town. We are also the exclusive distributors for innovative German and prestigious Italian brands. Our focus is on ergonomic design, which promotes what we call ‘Wellness in the Workplace’ – a key factor for modern day health and productivity.

Cecil Nurse. The Modern Office. Designed. Delivered.

Modern office with meeting desk ,tables and chairs


The excitement of running his own business was soon forgotten when, in the following few years, Cecil Nurse himeself experienced many difficult and financially stressful times. However, his boundless enthusiasm and good business sense, coupled with a superb selling, trading ability and the support of an understanding wife, never allowed him to contemplate giving up in favour of working for a boss.

Instead, to augment the income of the furniture business, Cecil constructed a series of hothouses in the backyard of his home and began growing a variety of indoor plants, with a view to selling them from door to door to businesses in central Johannesburg. He employed two assistants with specially modified platform bicycles to sell the home-grown plants – little did he realise his was the very first indoor office plant business in South Africa! While establishing his furniture business, this additional venture was often responsible for keeping the wolves from the door…