Cecil Nurse


Cecil Nurse can assist you with the following services: 

  • Professional project managementCreating office spaces that realise the design concept perfectly, and deliver on your space utilisation requirements, budget and expectations.
  • A knowledgeable sales forceYour personal consultant will interact directly with you to assist you from planning through to implementation and delivery.
  • Product quality guaranteedEvery item of furniture selected is thoroughly tested for durability and quality.
  • Customised space planningOur experience and creativity to design and deliver innovative and efficiently designed workspaces.
  • 3D RendersOur qualified space planners can assist, using powerful computer graphic rendering software, converting 2D concepts into 3D designs.
  •  Extensive stock holding
  •  Nationwide showrooms (incl. Namibia & Botswana)
  •  Local & international product sourcing and designThe very latest in functional, innovatively designed, quality furniture from reputable local and international manufacturers.
  •  Experienced installation & national deliveryOur trained and qualified installation teams will ensure that your office is delivered and installed.